After the very hot Game 4 which happened last time, leading to a 3-1 advantage for Miami Heat, the team and LeBron James are now getting ready for their victory after this season’s Game 5 for this year’s 2012 NBA Finals. There’s no stopping the gigantic player from aiming to reach the trophy now that they are just have one win left to reach it. Probably the only thing that can stop LeBron James’ championship coronation is another Thunder comeback which will see if it happens this upcoming Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Obviously, based on his previous performances, LeBron is on LeBrink, a victory from winning his first NBA title. As he appeared very relaxed on last Wednesday’s game, LeBron said that he has recovered well from the cramping issues that knocked him out of Game 4.

He apologized for how he performed in last year’s NBA Finals, especially for what he called as his immaturity toward fans and media afterward. If you have seen how he performed in the last four games, you can definitely say that the LeBron James that you are seeing is completely different now. He is obviously more comfortable on and off the court and seeming to have figured out everything it takes to become a champion. He is definitely determined to do everything just to get the title and bring his team to the top. He is almost there, however, he won’t think about it until his Miami Heat have picked up one more victory. Just one more win and then they are off to the top.