Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heat NBA Finals 2012 Game 1This is it for both the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder fans! This is the first game where these two teams will finally be showing the fans what they are made of! And to tell you the truth, this is more like a radical and an exquisite once in a lifetime chance to finally be in the finals and fight for the crown.

For all I know, this is not the first time the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder were able to meet in the finals game. You bet that this is going to be one hell of a basketball match were Oklahoma City Thunder’s front man Kevin Durant and Miami Heat’s Lebron James are going to finally go head to head in the basketball court to finally settle their score to what seems to Durant an unfair MVP decision from the NBA.

It was told that Durant here wanted the MVP 2012 title so bad and that He thought that He’ll have a much better chances of winning it than what the other players do. But to his surprise, it was Lebron James of the Miami Heat who won the title. So right now, you bet that Lebron and Durant will show you who the real MVP is in this upcoming NBA Finals 2012MiamiHeat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game 1.

For sure, this is the game that will back the basketball arena good!  According to statistics, if the Miami Heat gets into the finals with the Thunders, the NBA will gain more profit from the fans.  After all, the Heat is one of the most popular teams in the NBA today, not to mention Lebron James and Dwayne Wade who’s the front man of the team and that known to have been able to advertise some of the most popular brands in the NBA today.