As technology grows and brings new innovations almost each day, inventors also think of new features that could improve and develop their high-tech gadgets and computers. Lately, the newest innovation features the South Korean TV Manufacturers as they are making billion dollar bets on a new display technology that promises an even thinner screen and imagery of eye-popping clarity.

This latest innovation might prove to be a costly gasp of innovation from an industry finding it ever harder to excite consumers who have been vowed by smartphones and tablets. They were amazed on the latest models of smartphones that Apple’s iPhones and iPads are somehow getting down in the market while the demands on smartphones are getting high.

Samsung Co. and LG Electronics are hoping that the “OLED” technology will see to it that they are maintaining their status as the top among the intensely competitive business that has caused losses in the TV division of Japan’s Sony for the past eight years despite the fact that they are undeterred by the 3-D TV flop and failure of Internet connected TVs in order also for the company to boost sales.

As clear evidence, the arrival of the flat screen televisions last 15 years ago already serves as an advance in TV Technology that tantalized consumers nearly as much as color televisions in the late 1960s. You might have noticed it but the first generation of flat screens now look positively obese next to the most recent ultra thin TVs. Aside from the screens and monitors, the picture quality has also made giant strides nowadays. If you have seen a lot of changes so far, then you must expect to see more of them in the years to come.