Manny PacquiaoFinally the 7 year undefeated title streak of Manny Pacquiao as a Welterweight Champion had ended by Bradley. But many are still saying that Pacquiao is still the champion. Many are complaining about the lost of Pacquiao and the split decision of the judges. Some other says that there might be a dirty job during the decision making of the job. Many sports analyst also feels the same. According to them all throughout the 12 round match, Pacquiao out powered and outscored Bradley and how come in the end Bradly stand as the new Champion. Other Boxing fans also have a unoficial score board of themselves and it was clear that Pacquiao won the fight.

Many Celebrities are also upset for the lost of Pacquiao like Miley Cirus and Justine Timberlake; Justine said that he was disappointed at the ending of the Match. He said that it was clear that Pacquiao owned the whole game. Even though Pacquiao was shocked after hearing the decision he stayed calm and professional. He admitted defeat and think of it positively. After all, the decision of the judge is final and Pacquiao already lost the title.

Back in the hometown of Pacquiao thePhilippines, there were reports that some of Pacqaios’s fans died after hearing that he lost the match. A 70 year old man died after hearing that his idol and hero Manny Pacquioa lost by a split decision, the 70 year old man was brought to the hospital but still died because of stroke.

Right now many are craving for a rematch, a good and fair match they said. Some fans said that in the rematch Pacquiao should win by K.O to prove that he’s the real champion which more or less He will try to do. And that will be more or less be coming right at you early this November 2012.