Since the Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight is set to happen on June 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, their official weigh-in is also being looked forward. Finally, the most awaited Pacquiao vs Bradley Official Weigh-in happened earlier today and it was really thrilling. As the two boxers stepped on the scales this afternoon at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, in preparation for their big pay-per-view match coming up on Saturday night, crowds gave a loud roar of cheer for their favorite boxer.

At the end of the weigh-in, it turned out that Manny Pacquiao weighed 147 lbs, while Timothy Bradley weighed 146 lbs. If you have just seen the weigh-in, Bradley seemed to be very confident as he stepped on the scales first and looked absolutely jacked, as he always does. He weighed in under the limit, and was all quiet intensity, and you could see him brimming over with confidence and focus. As for Pacquiao, on the other hand, he went on the scales next and you can hear a loud howling sound from the crowd. It was very interesting to see Pacquiao weighing more than his opponent for a change. But it was also interesting to see a more muscular fighter than Pacquiao, as Bradley is just cut and is muscles all over. You can really see the advantage of Bradley in terms of body structure during that time.

You will notice how Bradley tried to stare bullets through Pacquiao as the two fighters squared off with one another. However, Pacquiao seemed to be unaffected on what is happening as he was simply smiling and laughing, and wasn’t getting into any of those antics. When Pacquiao was asked as to why he is laughing, he simply answered, “I’m happy because God is with me.” He also said that he was confident to win.

Check out the full video here.