Dmitry Grishin, the well-known co-founder of one of the largest Russian Internet companies in the world, revealed her desire to invest in the types of robotics envisioned in “The Jetsons”, the famous 1960s cartoons which portray a family from the future, with flying cars, robot maids and other forms of push-button inventions.

He also revealed their plans of launching robotic funds in New York City just to start his amazing dream. He said that the robots that he is looking forward to see are also aimed at the mass market. More advanced and high-tech, these set of robots might include robotics technologies used in transportation, entertainment, or even health care. Many people will surely benefit from these robots. Grishi also compared where the robotics industry is now to where computers were early 1980s, when the companies were first bringing PCs to regular people’s desktops.

Can you imagine what Grishin is trying to picture out? Do you wish it to be realized in the future? It is quite possible for those dreams to come true but it will surely take a lot of time and budget. Grishin belives that robotics is ripe for the same sort of revolution, but the industry needs funding. So he is putting up $25 million to start a venture fund that will invest in robotics aimed at daily life.

The company he called the “Grishin Robotics” will be based in New York, a city trying to establish itself as a technology hub to rival Silicon Valley. Grishin revealed the reason why he picked New York instead of other states by saying that he picked New York in part because of its central location, its status as an international financial center and also for the fact the Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s support of technology and innovation is very huge. This will eventually bring a big change in the society in the future.