Oklahoma City Thunder Wins Western Conference 2012This season would be a drastic lost for the San Antonio Spurs after loosing the slot for NBA champion on Oaklahoma Thunders. Many have thought because of the experience of the Spurs they have the upper hand on obtaining the slot for the NBA championship finals, but the Thunders never gave up and prove them wrong. This young team prove themeselves worthy for the NBA championship finals after defeating the Spurs with a score of 107 – 99. During the first half, the Thunder’s were getting a hard time getting points and the Spurs totally outscored them but for the Thunders the game has yet to start.

At the end of the firs half the Thunders are having a hard time cutting down the lead of the Spurs. Tim Duncan and Tony parker did a good job giving the spurs an early lead till the first half end. At the start of the 2nd half Durant and his team mate started to chase down the lost scores and cut down the lead of spurs and soon take the lead and ending the game in their favor. Keving Durant dispalyed good skills and athletisicm leading the Thunder’s to victory. And because of Durants performance he gave his team 34 points making him the big scorer of the game with 14 rebounds and five assists.

All in all the game was amazing both team displayed good performance but the Thunders were outstanding which reslted in the defeat fo the Spurs. At the end of the Game Tony Parker of Spurs fell down on his knees after realizing that they have lost their shot at the NBA Championship.