We all know that the sense of sight is very important for every person, especially the athletes. They need their sense of sight in order to excel in sports and when Tony Parker had an eye injury, it meant everything to him.

The NBA star Tony Parker has the possibility to miss the London Olympics after almost losing his eye in a fight involving the singer Chris Brown and the members of the hip hop star Drake’s entourage. This was unexpected but what happened was an accident, and because of being impulsive, Parker now fears that he can no longer go back to his life as an athlete.

What really happened? Parker’s cornea was scratched during the fight, and the San Antonio Spurs guard revealed that he had to have an operation to remove a shard that had “penetrated 99 percent” of his left eye. That’s only one percent left before he loses his entire left eye then.

“I almost lost my eye,” Parker said in an interview posted on his website on Sunday. What happened to the athlete was really worse that he wasn’t able to join the rest of the France’s team on Wednesday and he had an appointment with a specialist in New York when he was cleared to take a long-haul flights after July 5.

“I’m seeing a specialist in New York with the hope of being given the all clear to play in the Olympic Games,” Parker said. “Spurs are very worried. Anything can happen, including me being out of the Olympics. The decision doesn’t belong to me anymore. It’s in the hands of the doctor and San Antonio.” It was not just the Spurs who are worried about Parker’s present condition but also his family, friends and all his fans. We are hoping that he recovers soon so that he can come back to the game.