Prince Charles seemingly enjoyed the game at Wimbledon last time and he was even amazed by Federer’s performance during the entire game, making him win the said game. What happened last time was legendary. Roger Federer gave Prince Charles a bow and then gave Fabio Fognini a royal thumping on the other side of the news.

Federer really made a great timing of his performances as he was obviously at his best on Wednesday when the Prince of Wales visited Wimbledon for the first time since 1970. Federer won against Fognini with the scoring of 6-1, 6-3, 6-2. During his first serve, the sixth time champion, Federer, won 37 points out of 41 and won also 21 of 23 points at the net against Fognini, an Italian ranked 68th.

It was definitely the best time for Federer to show off himself because the Royal Family was there to watch. Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall sat in front, in the first row, of the Royal Box as Federer walked onto Centre Court for the first match of the day. In the entire game, Federer and Fognini just bowed awkwardly toward the royals as they stood side by side while the Royal Prince just sat there responding with a wave and a grin. It seems like Prince Charles is really enjoying the day, especially while watching the game.

“They do brief you beforehand,” Federer said. “I guess you don’t do anything stupid. You behave. Obviously we were asked to bow, which is obviously no problem to do. We were thrilled for the tennis family that they came to watch the Wimbledon today.”