Apple Inc. is facing a very difficult situation right now. It is facing a patent fight with Samsung involving their newest technology of smartphones and tables. This issue seems to be the main root of their high-stakes fight.

In the most recent news that came out last Tuesday, Apple Inc claimed that it is entitled to $2.525 billion damages, to be exact, in its high-profile battle against Samsung Electronics Co over patents for technology used in smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad.

Actually, the whole details of the fight were not really that clear. The estimate was revealed in a court filing which came out early this Tuesday, exactly six days before the world’s largest electronics companies were scheduled on July 30 to start a jury trial before United States District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California. This is probably going to be a very intriguing and very intricate case. We’ll just see after a few weeks or even months what will happen to the two companies.

Based on the news report, it stated that Apple accused Samsung of infringing its patents by making its famous Galaxy phone and computer tablets “work and look” like Apple Products, giving rise for the chance to the South Korean company to overtake it as the world’s largest maker of smartphones.

Samsung stated that Apply simply owes money for using its patented technology and that their company gave all their bets in producing such unique products in a bid to best the competition. Aside from that, they are still planning to develop more unique and useful products in the coming months and years.