Nowadays, I guess almost every person already has a cell phone, whether it is the latest model or not. Cell phone is definitely very useful especially in communication of family members, friends, classmates, business partners, and in every person you wanted to communicate with. As time goes by, the use of cell phone is not just limited for communication because it can also be used as means of the audience responses in a particular conference or larger events.

The use of SMS responses in cell phones are typically favored by traveling speaking professionals and large conference halls especially because through this audience response system, they are able to conduct conferences without thinking or any rent of venue, or the purchase of proprietary ARS hardware and a lot more.

These solutions usually don’t require specialized voting hardware, but they do require telecom hardware and software, along with a web server, and therefore tend to be operated by dedicated vendors selling usage. Computing devices with web browsers can also use these services through SMS gateways, if a separate web interface is not provided.

So how does it work? Cell Phone enabled response systems, such as SMS Response System, are able to take text inputs from the audience and receive multiple responses to questions per SMS. This, then, allows a new pedagogical approach to teaching and learning which is a beneficial idea. Through SMS responses, you can actually get information and output even from faraway audiences.