The market for Initial Public Offerings or IPO has been slowly taking heights lately, according to the latest news, and it is all because of the Facebook freeze.

Last Friday, the investors showed deep interest for the freshly public technology stocks, however, the Fender Instruments, a decidedly old-school company, bowed out its longtime planned initial public offering citing for market conditions and it sounds like a great idea. With the broader IPO market now in action, the analysts have decided to finally isolate or totally get rid of the guitar maker as a solo act. And it seems to be a great idea after all, they found out. Palo Alto Network, the stock of security Software Company, popped about 27 percent in its market debut. Kayak, on the other hand, jumped about 28 percent for its travel-booking website.

Oh, yeah I get it! But for now, so much of the Facebook freeze! I think we’ve already had enough. Besides, there are still about eight IPOs scheduled to come out the following week and there is a security software maker from the Netherlands that also came out. It was said to be a high-end steakhouse from Texas and a natural-food grocery store chain from Lakewood, Colo., among others. This is already the beginning of the evolution of things. The range of companies taking the plunge, along with their absolute number during the usually slow summer season, shows that the market for initial public offerings is in the midst of a rebound after a lull that followed Facebook’s mid-May debut.