In order to resolve allegations about the issue of a broken privacy promise, Google, one of the major internet companies, was suspended to pay a $22.5 million penalty. They payment intends to secretly track millions of Web users who usually rely on Apple’s Safari browser. This news report was according to a person familiar with the settlement.

The person who spoke to The Associated Press on Tuesday doesn’t want his really identity to be known to the public so he asked not to be identified because this is such a huge accusation. Another reason why he wanted his identity to be hidden is because of the fact that the fine has yet to be approved by the Federal Trade Commission, the agency which oversees online privacy issues in the United States.

It was said that if the fine will be officially approved by the five commissioners of FTC, then the penalty of $22.5 million would be the largest the agency has ever imposed in a single company. Actually, this is just suited as penalty for Google since it is not just a simple Internet company were talking about here. In fact, the fine won’t cause Google Inc. that much financial pain and they will probably recover even great millions after the case. What is important is for the company’s name to be cleared with accusations.

With $49 billion in the bank, the Internet’s search and advertising leader is expected to generate revenue this year in slightly more than four hours. They will surely get back what they have lost, especially the penalty imposed to them. However, the circumstances surrounding the case may renew questions about the sincerity of Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto and will also probably raise doubts about the credibility of the of the company which is possible to happen.

“We do set the highest standards of privacy and security for our users,” Google said in a statement on Tuesday.