Facebook and Yahoo are two of the most popular Web or internet companies in the world and most internet users are familiar with the two. In the past few months, these two of the Internet’s most popular destinations had this sort of months-long patent dispute that made a buzz in the World Wide Web. It was just lately when Facebook and Yahoo have finally agreed to settle their months-long dispute, averting a potentially expensive battle over the technology running two of the Internet’s most popular destinations.

Along with their decision to drop the lawsuits filed against each other, the two companies have agreed to license their patents to each other and instead, they decided to form an advertising and content-sharing alliance that expands their existing partnership. Their settlement which was held last Friday involved no exchange of money.

Now that the aggression has totally dissolved into an accord that could benefit both companies, the hundreds and even millions of Web surfers who use both Yahoo and Facebook should find even more common ground on the two services starting right now. This advertising alliance is, however, highly beneficial to Yahoo because it can help the company recover from some of the revenue that the company has been losing as marketers shift more of their spending to a larger and more engaged audience on Facebook’s online social network. What do you think about that? So what will Facebook get in return? You might be wonderin’! Facebook, in return, will get the chance to show the ads tailored to fit the individual interests of its 900 million users in other heavily trafficked areas beside its own website.