Reports coming out recently revolve on Jason Kidd’s plan to join the New York Knicks on the next season of the NBA. Based on the news, it seems like the New York Knicks has found their new point guard to team up with Jeremy Lin or perhaps even replace him.

According to multiple reports, Jason Kidd, who used to be a member of the Dallas Mavericks, will leave the team to sign with the Knicks. This is probably surprising but the report is official. Kidd is said to be replacing Lin and will totally take away the point guard role full time for Knicks from Lin or would just rotate with Lin. This will only be possible if the Knicks will reverse course and decline to match an offer the Houston Rockets made to Lin, a restricted free agent whom they have said they intend to keep.

Many sports fans were probably surprised with Kidd’s abrupt decision. It was believed he would return to the Mavericks, especially after they missed out on Deron Williams. However, on Thursday, reported that anonymous sources said that Kidd had decided instead to join Steve Nash a day earlier when Phoenix traded him to the Lakers.

Obviously, the real score here is the offer being given to Kidd by the other team. Kidd had decided to join the Knicks for a three-year deal worth about $9 million. Who would resist such offer, right? The New York Knicks have been seeking veteran point guard help in the past few years but lost out on Steve Nash. However, the deals cannot be signed until July 11 so we’ll just wait a few more days.