On Tuesday, the newly hired CEO for Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, was provided with a snapshot of the challenges that she is facing while waiting for the second-quarter earnings which is about to be released anytime this month.

Marissa Mayer was hired just this Monday and since she is just new as CEO, she needs to prove everybody, especially the internet company, that she is capable of doing anything just to grab the highest possible earnings the company could get. It was just late on Monday when Yahoo named Mayer as its new CEO. We might think that she is not yet responsible for whatever earnings the company has earned this second quarter yet she is tasked to give the report.

Because of the fact that the after stock market closes, the results of the said report of the second quarter earnings have already been upstaged by the surprise hire of a long time executive at its rival, which is Google Inc.

Mayer, who is now 37-years old, was chosen over Yahoo’s interim CEO, Ross Levisohn. He had been perceived as a shoo-in for the job until Monday. It was him who had stepped in to fill the void when CEO Scott Thompson was jettisoned this spring after some inaccurate academic credentials that were revealed. Right now, the challenge is being passed over to Mayer.