Lenovo’s latest treat to all its avid customers and product users is a new, quicker and lighter ThinkPad laptop. In the most recent news, Lenovo finally revealed its newest laptop model, the ThinkPad notebook computer that is claimed to be lighter, quicker, and inspired by the convenience of tablets and smartphones.

Lenovo, one of China’s most famous computer maker, has displayed the new gadget that they produced which they call “ThinkPad X1 Carbon”. This was released on Monday and the company said that it would go on sale later this month so customers might get hold of these new gadgets very soon.

Dilip Bhatia, the vice president of Lenovo, said when he was interviewed that this new product of the company will have a longer battery life and lighter weight. He said that was in response to the demands of the customers who wanted to have a tablet that is convenient to use but also needs a notebook’s wider range of functions. Furthermore, Lenovo acquired the ThinkPad brand with IBM Corp.’s personal computer unit in 2005. Lenovo passed Dell Inc. last year to become the second-largest PC manufactures after Hewlett-Packard Co. This is something that most computer lovers are looking forward to grab and to have in the future. In order to have one, all they have to do is to wait for it to come out not later this month.