The London Olympics 2012 ended with a blastoff closing ceremony this August 12, 2012 and based on the survey made by NBC, the television network which covers all Olympic events, it was revealed that the Olympic Games was the most-watched US TV event ever in history.

A broadcaster from NBC said that the London Olympics which started since July 27 up to August 12 had more viewers than any other event in US television history. Looks like a lot of Americans are really tuning in to the results of every category, especially since the United States is on the lead when it comes to the Olympic medal table.

Despite being widely lambasted for its scheduling choices, NBC’s coverage proved a massive hit. For this year’s London Olympics coverage, a total of 219.4 million American viewers who watched the events was recorded by NBC Universal networks and this record set the record as the most-watched event in US television history, surpassing the 2008 Beijing Olympics (215 million). This record was based on the survey done and the data came from Nielsen.

NBC, which had sole rights in the United States, broadcasted 5, 535 hours of the games across its channels, far more than the nearly 2,000 hours aired from Beijing.

“The London Olympics was a wonderful 17 days for NBCUniversal, exceeding all our expectations in viewership, digital consumption and revenue,” Steve Burke, the CEO of NBCUniversal, said in a statement on Monday.