After two weeks of action-packed Olympic Games, the London Olympics 2012 will now come to an end on August 12, 2012. Since you have enjoyed a very wonderful European-inspired opening ceremony from this year’s Olympics, I am sure that you are also looking forward for an awesome and spectacular Closing Ceremony as well. Surely, London won’t bring you down with that request. However, all their efforts will just come to waste if only a few people can come and watch the ceremony.

Because of this, NBC has a solution for that. NBC surprised all their subscribers with the announcement that they have changed plans and decided that they will stream Sunday’s Olympic Closing ceremony live online so that many people, from different parts of the globe, will be able to see and witness it. In here, the athletes, most especially the ones who got gold, will parade and say farewell to all those who have been with them starting from Day 1 until the end.

Sunday’s ceremony from London will still air on a tape-delayed basis on NBC in prime time. They seem to have a problem during the Opening ceremony that is why they have decided to make it available online. For the Opening ceremony, you might not know it but NBC took some heat for not making the event available to anyone in the United States for hours after the fact, so they received a lot of negative comment, feedbacks and complaints. This time, they are making it sure that it will be available everywhere in the world since they are already sure that streaming live all of the Olympic sports events online will not affect the prime-time audience. The closing ceremony is scheduled to be held on August 12 at 1 p.m. PDT.