This Saturday night, we will be getting a glimpse on the preparations made by the two world’s famous boxers as they prepare for the upcoming Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight to be held on the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 8th day of December 2012.

This November 17th, just about two weeks before the big fight, you can already see the two great boxers when you watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 24/7 Episode 1 on HBO. As Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez prepare to end the debate once and for all, the HBO cameras are of course on hand to capture every sparring session that they will have weeks before the main event. We will be seeing what they are doing during their early morning run and we will check on their camp rituals before the fight night.

Debuting this Saturday nights, the all-access series to the preparations made by Pacquiao and Marquez will follow two elite fighters as they prepare for the fourth chapter of their spirited rivalry in an electric pay-per-view showdown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena this December 8.

The debut episode will revisit the first three fights, in departure from the traditional 24/7 series. We all know that their most recent fight was a bit controversial so I guess this upcoming fight is going to be holiday for some for they will surely stop what they are doing just to see Pacquiao and Marquez on the ring once more.

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