Its a week before the fight and you are probably have an idea on how much the fight of the century: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao will cost you to watch. In the Philippines and in the United States, prices are going crazy like hell as ticket networks are making their own gimmicks to earn from this highly anticipated match of the year. The ticket in the US even hit 6 figures when it was sold by secondary market. Despite this outrageous price, it is still sold out. This only mean that the fight is really a match a must to watch and gamblers all over Nevada and outside the US are gathering in one day to take the highest stake ever in the world of boxing.

Now here in my place, for us to watch Pacquiao vs Mayweather, we can either go to a free viewing sponsored by the government here but you must undergo to shoulder to shoulder wrestling with other Pacquiao fans for you to have a clearer view of the match in a big public venue. You can also spend about 19 USD to watch it in theaters or spend about 56 USD to get a private viewing with a satellite PPV.

If you want to watch Pacquiao vs. Mayweather online free, ┬áthe thing that you can do is to wait it for the delayed telecast on TV networks in the country or look for an online live stream that possibly feature this fight. The latter however is not reliable and possibly can be blocked in the middle of the fight which I guess you don’t like to happen. So the only thing that is more reliable and logical to do to be sure that you can really watch this boxing event is to get a pay per view.

I believe that this match is worth of my penny!