This February 14th, the number one series on television today will be back! I’m referring to AMC’s The Walking Dead series. It’s a zombie post-apocalyptic TV series that features survivors that tries to fight the end of the world in the hands of the walking rotten flesh. It’s a few days from now and a lot of zombie fan out there are eager to watch The Walking Dead (see the link to find links and ways to watch The Walking Dead series online).

Meanwhile, while this eagerness is in the air, I found this viral video that shows the evolution of zombie in a century. It features various take to the popular flesh eating monster which is the center of the mentioned TV show. See how films and TV shows make this horrifying creatures happen.

Here’s the said video.

So what can you say? Which one of the featured zombie make-ups are featured in the series The Walking Dead? It’s amazing right? Well if you think it is or it is not, leave your comments below. If you want to watch series and details of The Walking Dead series, just visit the website: or Have fun guys!