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How to Have More Life In Candy Crush Saga? + Other Candy Crush Tips

One of the game that I really love to play is the Candy Crush Saga which you can download via Google Play Store and via Apple iTunes App Store for your phones or play it via Facebook. It is a game from which let you “waste” (sorry for this term) your extra time trying to match all the candies. What I like with the game is that it got great graphics, challenging and a lot of special effects that excites me to continue with the next phase or stage of the game.

Candy Crush Saga from King.comWell, if you’re playing this game, you might be familiar with the 5 lives limit (5 hearts) where it seems easily be consumed specially if you hear that sad story after failing to solve the current challenge. Now the following are some of the tips I get from friends and some I use personally to extend my time playing with the game.

  • Resetting lives. According to a friend, the 5 lives reset to 5 again if you will change the date of your computer to a previous time. Actually, I didn’t test this yet because I’m using an Android device (Galaxy Note II) to play this game.
  • Extending lives. If you have a mobile device and playing it on PC via Facebook, you can have a new 5 lives even you consume it on Facebook on your mobile device. Allowing you to play 5 more. Enough time for you to get another 5 lives on Facebook version. I think they didn’t sync this life consumption on devices yet.
  • Passing the episodes without the ticket.  If you don’t have a lot of friends playing this game or just too lazy to give you ticket to pass the airplane or yacht or boat before the next episode but you’re playing it via your mobile device capable of playing Candy Crush Saga. What you need to do is simply turn off the Wifi and mobile data network or your phone, run Candy Crush Saga and you will see from the option aside from Unlock episode menu item, there will a Play Quest menu where you are asked to play 3 quests where after each quest requires you to wait another 24 hours before playing the next quest. Yes, you need to wait 3 days to finish this. If you’re not in a hurry this will be a great way to pass the episodes.

If you have tips about Candy Crush Saga, just leave your comments below and share them to other players.

Warner Bros and MGM to Invest on Kabam

Kabam is known for being one of the most famous social-gaming company and when the news came out that Warner Brosa dn MGM were planning to invest on the company, many gamers got more enthusiasm and interest of the game. This was indeed a great marketing strategy when they thought of having some more financial help from some of the world’s huge entertainment companies.

Warner Bros Entertainment Inc and MGM Studios Inc have joined forces to invest an undisclosed amount in the privately-held, social and mobile gaming company, Kabam Inc. This information came from the game maker itself and that statement came out just this Tuesday.

Kabam, which is based in San Francisco and the company known for its damous “Kingdom of Camelot” strategy games that allow players to build castles and battle troops in a medieval setting, competes with gaming companies like Zynga Inc and Kixeye. It actually focuses on the “mid-core” games since it was founded way back year 2006. These features immersive games that sit between slickly produced titles like Activision Blizzard Inc’s “Call of Duty” and casual games like FarmVille of Zynga.

The games company said that the president of Warner Bros, Kevin Tsujihara will be joining Kabam’s board of director as a member and MGM’s CEO and chairman Gary Barber will also join as an observer on the board.

Latest iPad Sales Reports Disappoint Apple

The iPads and iPhones are among the best-selling gadgets in Apple Inc., there was this point that came that revealed the latest iPad sales and it just disappointed Apple Inc. very much. It was the second straight quarter delivery of Apple Inc and it was the second time that they delivered disappointing results since iPad sales fell well short of Wall Street’s targets, marring its record of consistently blowing past investors’ expectations.

This has been probably part of the most frequent loses of Apple against their appeals on Samsung.  The shares in the most valuable technology company in the word briefly dipped to levels not seen since the start of August, about two months ago, after it delivered a 27 percent rise during the fourth-quarter revenue and a 24 percent increase in earnings.

While being in line with the expectations, the numbers lacked the positive surprises that the investors have grown used to, and came after Apple undershot revenue targets during the previous quarter. The shares bounced back after CEO Tim Cook told the analysts that the latest iPhone 5 was heavily blacklogged during the conference call that was held recently, but the company had mostly worked out kinks in its supply chain.

During the last and most recent quarter report, Apple shipped approximately 26.9 million iPhones, just ahead of the predictions made by the analysts, but the iPad sales of 14 million were well below lowered forecasts for the tablet as the economy remained week and the consumers awaited the iPad mini, which will hit the store shelves this upcoming next month. In other news, however, South Korean rival Samsung Electronics sold 56.3 million smartphones in the quarter, giving it a very far edge of 31.3 percent in global market compared to Apple.

Apple Claims $2.5B Damages in Samsung Patent Fight

Apple Inc. is facing a very difficult situation right now. It is facing a patent fight with Samsung involving their newest technology of smartphones and tables. This issue seems to be the main root of their high-stakes fight.

In the most recent news that came out last Tuesday, Apple Inc claimed that it is entitled to $2.525 billion damages, to be exact, in its high-profile battle against Samsung Electronics Co over patents for technology used in smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad.

Actually, the whole details of the fight were not really that clear. The estimate was revealed in a court filing which came out early this Tuesday, exactly six days before the world’s largest electronics companies were scheduled on July 30 to start a jury trial before United States District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California. This is probably going to be a very intriguing and very intricate case. We’ll just see after a few weeks or even months what will happen to the two companies.

Based on the news report, it stated that Apple accused Samsung of infringing its patents by making its famous Galaxy phone and computer tablets “work and look” like Apple Products, giving rise for the chance to the South Korean company to overtake it as the world’s largest maker of smartphones.

Samsung stated that Apply simply owes money for using its patented technology and that their company gave all their bets in producing such unique products in a bid to best the competition. Aside from that, they are still planning to develop more unique and useful products in the coming months and years.

The Must Have iPad Game This 2012 Is Now Here

I’m pretty sure that you guys are trying to hook yourself up with the latest, and not to mention the coolest games there is today! But, what I’m talking about is not only for today! This is going to be the hottest and right now the most downloaded game ever for the coming year 2012! Yes my friend! I’m talking about the future here! And let me just tell you that the future sure hold a lot of interesting and cool things when it comes to playing using your iPad Phones!

Stronghold "iPad" GameWhat I’m talking about here is the really cool board games that is very much handy and pretty easy but really cool to play with on you individual or multi-player iPhone! The one I’m talking about is this board game called “Stronghold” that will be released early comes year 2012!

Stronghold is a very significant and IQ testing strategic game which not only test and develops your Intelligence, but is more likely to show and tell you the story of a siege! This is like conquer and defend! This has two opposite sides which is the “defensive and the offensive type”. This is pretty easy to play!

First of is the defensive strategy:

If you are on the defensive stand, you are but given small amount of soldiers which is pretty much the exact number you need to be able to build canyons including the ones who can repair the kingdom wall. All you have to do here is to outsmart the other player and or the computer to surpass the mobs “enemies” that will be attacking your kingdom!

Take note: You will have to be smart in using and or making decisions in what to build and not build. Otherwise, it will be a big problem if you get to run out of supplies.

The offensive strategy:

This one is the easiest one! That’s if you know how things work! You will have to strategist and make sure that you will get to attack the side where they are but the weakest! Even though you have a massive army on your side, but if you don’t know how to use them well. You’re definitely going to be out run by the defense of the enemy and will absolutely lose.

This is more likely the basic things that you will have to know about the game! Don’t worry! This is not just it! There’s a lot more about the game that you will have to discover when you get to buy the game!

Top 10 iPad 1st/2nd Gen Games You Should Not Miss to Download and Play

I really find playing iPad games entertaining specially when I want to lost some times waiting for someone or just relaxing. Now if you have newly acquired your first iPad, 1st generation or the iPad 2 you should install it with games that you will surely love to play so I decided to list some of the games I personally played and really find it entertaining.

All of the thumbnails or images used on this post are all from iTunes Store. You can click on the thumbnail for a larger screen shot of the game.

Here are the top 10 iPad games that you should not miss. It is not order in terms of awesomeness or cost but in order of my preferences and chronological order that I played the game.
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