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German Group alleges Hacking Apple’s iPhone Fingerprint Scanner

iPhone Fingerprint ScannerA group of German hackers allegedly claims that they have hacked and cracked the fingerprint scanner of the newest iPhone model and this alleged claim was declared last Sunday, just two days after Apple Inc launched the technology that it promises will be better protect devices from criminals and snoopers seeking access.

The suspicion is not yet confirmed but if this claim is verified, it will surely be very embarrassing for Apple since they are already betting that they have set its smartphone apart from the new models of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and others running the Android operating system of Google Inc.

Last week, Apple has claimed that they have found better way in protecting thieves from taking access to their iPhone users but based on this claim, it seems like very easy for them to do that.

Two prominent iPhone security experts told Reuters that they believed the German group, known as the Chaos Computing Club, or CCC, had succeeded in defeating Apple’s Touch ID, though they had not personally replicated the work. However, things have to be verified still. One of them, Charlie Miller, co-author of the iOS Hacker’s Handbook, described the work as “a complete break” of Touch ID security. “It certainly opens up a new possibility for attackers.” We tried to get some comments from the representatives of Apple but none of them bother to send a response.

iPhone 5C and 5S Hardware Upgrades

iPhone 5C and 5SThe iPhone 5C and 5S is already out in the market and many people, most especially avid iPhone users, wanted to get both iPhones. The new phones are best described as iPhones albeit in some new colors and with some new tricks.

The iPhone 5S is said to be the phone after your fingertips. It looks like the iPhone 5 though with a more elegant design thanks to a new gold color option and the swanky, sapphire glass home button. Indeed, the smooth new home button now has a fingerprint reader, or what Apple is calling Touch ID. And it works just as Apple’s Phil Schiller detailed this morning.

What’s good about this phone is the fact that you are able to go through the setup process of training your iPhone to know your fingerprint by following some onscreen instructions and tapping your finger on the button. The phone will familiarize your fingerprint when you tap once on the button and then tap again. You are then logged in and when other fingers try to log in on it, it will flash “Try Again!” but the good news is, the phone can actually remember five fingerprints, allowing your child and spouse to use your phone.

The camera features, including the burst mode which takes 20 shots in two seconds, are actually what I am most excited about. I can’t say I noticed the speed improvements pushed along by the new 64-bit processor in my short time of playing around with it, but iOS 7 breezed on by with all its new colorful backgrounds, translucent layers and swift transitions.

Everything You Need to Know about iPhone 5S and 5C

iPhone 5S and 5CIt has been a year now since the last model of iPhone came out so people are now wondering when’s the next iPhone coming out. Every year, iPhone users and lovers are looking for a new model of their favorite phone. For the past two years, Apple has released its new iPhone in September, which means that many of them are preparing for a long-anticipated upgrade.

Good news to everyone! Apple is said to be gearing up for its annual September iPhone event where it is expected to release the successor to the iPhone 5, presumably iPhone 5S and another phone they said to be called the iPhone 5C.

As their biggest offer for all their subscribers this year, Apple Inc is said to be releasing not just one, but two iPhones next month! This iPhone 5S is said to be more amazing than the iPhone 4s because it will include one recently from 9to5Mac, and aside from that, iPhone 5s will also have a fingerprint sensor in the circular home button.

And there’s more supporting evidence for this. Last year Apple bought AuthenTec, a biometrics reader and mobile security solutions company, and a folder called “biometrickitUI” was recently found in the iOS 7 software code. “A fingerprint that changes color during the setup process” was also written in the software. What more can you ask for?

There’s actually more to these features but I guess you’ll just have to wait for September 10 to come because this is said to be the release dates of this new iPhones.

Steve Jobs’ Secret Yacht Resembles an iPhone

We all know that the late iPhone maker, Steve Jobs, has brought great impact to the lives of all-gadget lovers as he left the world with such wonderful and high-tech gadget equipped with many amazing features. Since it was already one year after Jobs’s death, in honor of his name and the great contribution that he has brought, the shipbuilders in Aalsmeer, Holland have finally finished the yacht that the Apple visionary spent years designing stealthily. At first glance, you can truly say that it was Steve Jobs’ work since it really looks like an Apple product. The name of the yacht is Venus and it is built entirely out of aluminum.

The yacht was designed personally by Jobs with some help from French designer Phillipe Stack. The measurement of the ship reaches up to 70 and 80 meters, but because of the aluminum construction, it was lighter compared to other yachts, giving it a bit of an edge when it comes to speed. It does not lack amenities, either, in fact, it is almost complete.

I will tour you further and take you to the front of the ship which is equipped with a uniquely large sun deck with a Jacuzzi built in. Behind that comes an all glass cabin that’s topped with a bridge equipped with a seven-inch iMacs that handle the navigation and controls of the ship. Now, when you take a step back and turn your head to the left, it sort of looks like an iPhone 4 with the strip of windows around the middle and the clean lines.

Apple Inc.: Five Million iPhone 5s sold in Three Days

Apple Inc. was really happy and proud when they announced that in just a matter of a few days after it was launched, more than 5 million units of iPhone 5s were already sold. On Monday, the sold items already reached 5 million but the analysts said that this was less than they had expected.

They expected more from the latest version of iPhone and their expectations were not reached. In the past few days, based on their reports, Apple shares were already down $6.60 percent, at $693.49 in morning trading. The shares were still close to their all-time high of $705.07, hit Friday as the phone went on sale in the United States, in Germany, France, Japan and in five other countries.

It beats last year’s launch for iPhone 4s however by only a small margin. Apple said then that it has sold 4 million phones in the first three days. The expectations were really high and in fact, even Brian White, the Topeka Capital Markets analyst, expected that Apple can sell about 6 million to 6.5 million iPhone 5s in the first three days but they were just frustrated. He said that the shortfall was largely due to the limited supply but if they really expected that the sales will be high, then they could have produced a larger supply. White said that the phone was sold out at 80 to 85 percent of the United States Apple stores he and his team contacted last Sunday evening, and the ones that were still available were mostly Sprint models. We’ll just try to find out if the sales will still increase in days to come.

Samsung Adding iPhone 5 to Court Case

The nonstop fight between Samsung and Apple, two of the largest companies who supplies the high-tech and high quality gadgets in the world, seems to be escalating even more as both the companies try to look for loopholes and chances for them to threw and file court cases on each other. As a matter of fact, just this day, Samsung Electronics another assault as it said that the Samsung is planning to add the iPhone 5 which is set to be released this Friday on the list of the Apple devices that it claims infringes its patents in a California court case.

We just don’t know where this case is heading this time but only one thing is clear, that Samsung and Apple will surely not stop unless one of them comes down. Meanwhile, the jury in the case, in federal court in San Jose, ruled a month ago that Samsung’s patent claims against earlier iPhones were baseless, but Samsung is set to appeal. The jury also ruled that Samsung phones and tablets did infringe on Apple patents, and that Samsung owes Apple $1.05 billion worth of cash.

Will Samsung pay such huge amount after failing to win a case? To move further on the report, Korea’s Samsung spelled out its plans in a court firing late Wednesday and it is seeking royalties from Apple from sales of iPhones. Tune in for more updates about this conflict between Samsung and Apple.

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