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London Olympics Technological Innovation: Quantum Timer as Olympics’ Official Timekeeper

During this year’s 2012 London Olympics, it was really obvious that we ave reached another heights in terms of technological advancements in keeping the time during the Olympic games because of the help of Omega’s Quantum Timer.

In the last 80 years, Omega has been the official timekeeper of the Olympics. Going back in the year 1932, timekeepers that time are using stopwatches that has the capability to measure to the tenth of a second.

Omega has been very helpful to the success of the Olympics since it started providing its service before. In 1948, Omega through Getty ImagesOmega was able to reveal the world’s first independent, portable and water-resistant photo electric cell used in London. Meanwhile, for the 1952 Helsinki Games, Omega also began using electronic timing with the Omega Time Recorder. However, it did not stop there because ahead of the 1964 Tokyo Games, the watchmaker developed the Omegascopre in 1961, and this one showed each competitor’s time on a television screen. In 1962, however, Omega also unveiled its contact pads used for timing swimming competitions.

Four years ago, during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, new innovations were also developed such as high-speed video cameras which are capable of shooting 1,000 frames per second. These were used in addition to the electronic timing system to help break ties.

In the latest London Olympics 2012, high-speed cameras were used and these are able to shoot 2,000 frames per second, double that of Beijing. This is now called as Omega’s Quantum Timer and it is able to provide accurate time readings down to the microsecond, or about one-millionth of a second, 100,000 times more accurate than Omega’s technology in 1932. This will make sure accuracy is being followed, and this will avoid or prevent inaccuracy of results.

NBC: London Olympic Games as Most-watched US TV Event Ever

The London Olympics 2012 ended with a blastoff closing ceremony this August 12, 2012 and based on the survey made by NBC, the television network which covers all Olympic events, it was revealed that the Olympic Games was the most-watched US TV event ever in history.

A broadcaster from NBC said that the London Olympics which started since July 27 up to August 12 had more viewers than any other event in US television history. Looks like a lot of Americans are really tuning in to the results of every category, especially since the United States is on the lead when it comes to the Olympic medal table.

Despite being widely lambasted for its scheduling choices, NBC’s coverage proved a massive hit. For this year’s London Olympics coverage, a total of 219.4 million American viewers who watched the events was recorded by NBC Universal networks and this record set the record as the most-watched event in US television history, surpassing the 2008 Beijing Olympics (215 million). This record was based on the survey done and the data came from Nielsen.

NBC, which had sole rights in the United States, broadcasted 5, 535 hours of the games across its channels, far more than the nearly 2,000 hours aired from Beijing.

“The London Olympics was a wonderful 17 days for NBCUniversal, exceeding all our expectations in viewership, digital consumption and revenue,” Steve Burke, the CEO of NBCUniversal, said in a statement on Monday.

The London Olympics Closing Ceremony Live Online on NBC

After two weeks of action-packed Olympic Games, the London Olympics 2012 will now come to an end on August 12, 2012. Since you have enjoyed a very wonderful European-inspired opening ceremony from this year’s Olympics, I am sure that you are also looking forward for an awesome and spectacular Closing Ceremony as well. Surely, London won’t bring you down with that request. However, all their efforts will just come to waste if only a few people can come and watch the ceremony.

Because of this, NBC has a solution for that. NBC surprised all their subscribers with the announcement that they have changed plans and decided that they will stream Sunday’s Olympic Closing ceremony live online so that many people, from different parts of the globe, will be able to see and witness it. In here, the athletes, most especially the ones who got gold, will parade and say farewell to all those who have been with them starting from Day 1 until the end.

Sunday’s ceremony from London will still air on a tape-delayed basis on NBC in prime time. They seem to have a problem during the Opening ceremony that is why they have decided to make it available online. For the Opening ceremony, you might not know it but NBC took some heat for not making the event available to anyone in the United States for hours after the fact, so they received a lot of negative comment, feedbacks and complaints. This time, they are making it sure that it will be available everywhere in the world since they are already sure that streaming live all of the Olympic sports events online will not affect the prime-time audience. The closing ceremony is scheduled to be held on August 12 at 1 p.m. PDT.

London Olympics 2012: India Now out of Medal Contention after 3-Straight Loses in Hockey

This Friday, India’s Hockey team crashed and felt really bad after they dropped in a 2-5 defeat against Germany for their third straight reverse in Group B of the Olympic men’s Hockey competition.

While they were recording their third consecutive wins against the Indians, the Germans gave a fine exhibition of their efficiency based on strong basics. Meanwhile, the Indians, made an enthusiastic 15 minutes start however, after that, they suddenly caved in under pressure and just gave the way to the roaring Germans.

The 20-year old Florian Fuchs was leading the German charge with three strikes (7th, 16th, and 37th) while Oliver Kom (24th) and Christopher Wesley (33rd) chipped in with one apiece. They seemingly prepared for this set as they just roared on ice and hit the goal. But India did not just stand and slide on ice because they also accomplished some goals from Ramachandra Raghunath, whose 14th minute drag-flick got deflected into the net, and Tushar Khandkar (62nd).

After winning against India, Germany is now assured of a spot in the semifinals along with the Netherlands. The two countries had 9 points apiece, while India are out of medal contention and have to be content to play for minor positions regardless of their results against South Korea and Belgium in their remaining two league games. The audiences were actually expecting India to become part of the semifinals because they really showed a lot of dash and flair during the first quarter when they had the German defense under pressure and even struck the equalizer. However, their performance suddenly faded away once the defending champions got going.

London Olympics 2012 Update: India wins Second Medal through Vijay Kumar

India was really happy when the country won its first medal for this year’s London Olympics, but the Indians became more than happy when they got their second medal through the efforts of Vijay Kumar.

On Friday, Army marksman Vijay Kumar gave India its second medal from the Royal Artillery Barracks winning the silver in the men’s 25 metre rapid fire pistol event of the 2012 London Olympics. Though it was just a silver medal, it made India very happy and proud.

In other news, Leuris Pupo kept his cool to win Cuba’s first gold of the Olympics, leaving Vijay on the second place. Pupo scored 34 to edge out India’s Bijay Kumar, who took silver with 30. Nevertheless, he was more than happy.

Meanwhile, Ding Feng from China won bronze after being edged out by Kumar by only one point in the final elimination round which was held at the Royal Artillery Barracks last Friday. It was a tough game yet Vijay really fought until the end.

Furthermore, Elexie Klimov of Russia had set out a new world record of 592 during the qualifying round but he was not able to maintain his good performance and struggled in the final round after two low-scoring rounds early on, and eventually finished fourth after failing to make it into the final two medal rounds.

The first medal for India actually came from Gagan narang, India’s rifle shooter. He won bronze medal in the men’s 10 metre air rifle event last Monday. India is hoping for more gold from their athletes in the upcoming events.

The United States Wins 1st Olympic Title Since 1996

Going back in the Olympics History, probably the last time that the United States of America won their Olympic title was during the 1996 Olympics. With this, you can’t take it from the American athletes when US won their first Olympic title for this year’s London Olympics. One by one, the Americans thundered down the runway, soared high above the vault and slammed into the mat. They did everything just to grab their goal, just like everybody else, and that is to bring home gold medals for their beloved country.

On Tuesday night, the Americans lived up to their considerable hype, routing silver medallist Russia and everybody else on their way to their first Olympic title in the women’s gymnastics since 1996. It was very glorious for them. All eyes were enlightened. Their score of 183.596 was a whopping five points better than Russia’s, and set off a debate over whether this is the best U.S. team of all time. Meanwhile, Romania went in third place and brought home the bronze medal.

“Others might disagree. The ’96 team might disagree. But this is the best team,” US coach John Geddert said. From the beginning up to the end, the American gymnasts did not botch a single routine, and all but three of their 12 scores were 15.0 or higher. No doubt they really prepared for this one. In the meantime, the Russians had just one score above 15 in their last two events as they unravelled down the stretch. When the final standings flashed, chants of “USA! USA!” rocked the entire arena, prompting the moment that is already final. That marked the time when no one can take the crown from the U.S. Gymnasts. According to world champion Jordyn Wieber, she said that “the feeling was incredible. To have this gold medal around your neck, it’s really an indescribable feeling.”

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