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TheLyricsOf, New Source for Music Lyrics

I found this newest source of music lyrics of the latest songs from the east and west. It is called It contains videos and lyrics of the top billboard songs. The songs are grouped by artist, album name and arranged alphabetically. You can easily search the music that you want and even react to what you feel about the said music of the artist. See the screenshot of the new lyric website below.


Sources of the content of this website came from various sources which includes manual submission of users and retrieved from various online lyric databases.

100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture

This February 14th, the number one series on television today will be back! I’m referring to AMC’s The Walking Dead series. It’s a zombie post-apocalyptic TV series that features survivors that tries to fight the end of the world in the hands of the walking rotten flesh. It’s a few days from now and a lot of zombie fan out there are eager to watch The Walking Dead (see the link to find links and ways to watch The Walking Dead series online).

Meanwhile, while this eagerness is in the air, I found this viral video that shows the evolution of zombie in a century. It features various take to the popular flesh eating monster which is the center of the mentioned TV show. See how films and TV shows make this horrifying creatures happen.

Here’s the said video.
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What’s New with Kentips? (9/3/2015)

There’s a lot of things happen on this site for the past month. Below are some of the stuff:

  • I updated the core of the site to the recent security update of WordPress which is version 4.3
  • The site’s caching plug-in was also updated to the latest version. I’m using ZENCACHE.
  • The site is now using DigitalOcean. The site was originally hosted at Bluehost (Bleuken also moved to DigitalOcean)
  • The site now uses Nginx+PHP-FPM instead of Apache as its web server.

It’s Ceasefire and Ad Alliance for Yahoo and Facebook

Facebook and Yahoo are two of the most popular Web or internet companies in the world and most internet users are familiar with the two. In the past few months, these two of the Internet’s most popular destinations had this sort of months-long patent dispute that made a buzz in the World Wide Web. It was just lately when Facebook and Yahoo have finally agreed to settle their months-long dispute, averting a potentially expensive battle over the technology running two of the Internet’s most popular destinations.

Along with their decision to drop the lawsuits filed against each other, the two companies have agreed to license their patents to each other and instead, they decided to form an advertising and content-sharing alliance that expands their existing partnership. Their settlement which was held last Friday involved no exchange of money.

Now that the aggression has totally dissolved into an accord that could benefit both companies, the hundreds and even millions of Web surfers who use both Yahoo and Facebook should find even more common ground on the two services starting right now. This advertising alliance is, however, highly beneficial to Yahoo because it can help the company recover from some of the revenue that the company has been losing as marketers shift more of their spending to a larger and more engaged audience on Facebook’s online social network. What do you think about that? So what will Facebook get in return? You might be wonderin’! Facebook, in return, will get the chance to show the ads tailored to fit the individual interests of its 900 million users in other heavily trafficked areas beside its own website.

New Displays for Samsung and LG Aims to Revive TV Sales

As technology grows and brings new innovations almost each day, inventors also think of new features that could improve and develop their high-tech gadgets and computers. Lately, the newest innovation features the South Korean TV Manufacturers as they are making billion dollar bets on a new display technology that promises an even thinner screen and imagery of eye-popping clarity.

This latest innovation might prove to be a costly gasp of innovation from an industry finding it ever harder to excite consumers who have been vowed by smartphones and tablets. They were amazed on the latest models of smartphones that Apple’s iPhones and iPads are somehow getting down in the market while the demands on smartphones are getting high.

Samsung Co. and LG Electronics are hoping that the “OLED” technology will see to it that they are maintaining their status as the top among the intensely competitive business that has caused losses in the TV division of Japan’s Sony for the past eight years despite the fact that they are undeterred by the 3-D TV flop and failure of Internet connected TVs in order also for the company to boost sales.

As clear evidence, the arrival of the flat screen televisions last 15 years ago already serves as an advance in TV Technology that tantalized consumers nearly as much as color televisions in the late 1960s. You might have noticed it but the first generation of flat screens now look positively obese next to the most recent ultra thin TVs. Aside from the screens and monitors, the picture quality has also made giant strides nowadays. If you have seen a lot of changes so far, then you must expect to see more of them in the years to come.

Tiger Woods Starting a News Conference on Facebook

The fans of Tiger Woods gave the idea to the Masters Champion to put up a news conference for facebook after he was fielded with questions before his next tournament comes. Instead of having a news conference before this week’s Wells Fargo championship game, Tiger Woods patiently and willingly answered 19 questions on Monday in a 15-minute video posted on his website by his fans. Most of the questions were submitted through either Facebook or Twitter.

The social networking sites really play an important role among famous persons in the world such as celebrities, directors, artists, and now, even most-renowned athletes. However, there are times when it is not all positive comments that they could expect from the fans and haters, just like what happened on Woods after trying to answer all those questions.

The timing of his decision was weird. Woods is coming off his worst performance ever in the recent updates of the Masters, a tie for 40th in which he finished 15 shots behind and was roundly criticized for kicking his 9-iron in disgust after a poor tee shot on the pas-3 16th hole in the second round. In the past, Woods usually speak to the media before every tournament, but right now, it was quite different. He said that starting today, he will not speak to the reporters until his first round Thursday at Quail Hollow. However, many got really surprised when he started giving out information to his fans on the social networking sites. What is his plan regarding this?

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