Chris Bosh And His DaughterI bet that all of you are wondering where and why isn’t Chris Bosh around during the 2012 All Star Games, specifically the Slam Dunk Competition! Some of you may be in dismay, but if you get to know the real reason why he isn’t there, I bet that you would understand. Let me tell you first and foremost that this has been rather a magical and a special time for Chris Bosh even though He wasn’t able to attend and participate in the Slam Dunk game. It seems like He’s finally found the time and the courage to leave such important game at hand, all for the one He truly loves!

Before you get all pumped up thinking of a lot of things whether or not Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat getting back to Allison Mathis, let me tell you that it’s not and that it might and will not happen anywhere in the future! The one I’m talking about here is his 3 year old daughter who He gets to spend a quality time in Orlando all thanks to the All Star Games. You heard that right! The 27 year old Chris Bosh spent his time and made an absent during the Slam Dunk competition to have and share some quality time with her daughter who He said He is having some hard time with being a father!

This is actually a really good news! This is the first time we get to hear about NBA stars being a good father to their son’s and daughter’s. Well, the thing here is that Chris here is having a really hard time and actually have been and continually battling his ex-wife, Allison Mathis in the family court claiming that Allison here is giving him a hard time with his daughter to show that he’s a good father and that she’s always making a big deal out of it every time he wants to see the kid. Right now, it seems like Chris here finally got what he wanted, and that’s quality time with his daughter which sure made his day! I bet that this is going to be a start of something new and special between him and his daughter, that’s for sure!