David Beckham, the 36-year old famous English association footballer, sacrificed a very huge and wealthy deal to go to Europe just to be near his family.

Beckham renewed another two-year deal with Los Angeles Galaxy on Wednesday after resisting the lure of Paris for the sake of his family. The world’s famous footballer pledged his future to America’s Major League Soccer by signing a new 2-year contract with LA Galaxy.

Months before her first 5-year deal with the LA Galaxy ran out in December, Beckham had already received a lot of offers from the leading clubs all across Europe and with Paris Saint-Germain’s wealthy Qatari owners offering the most lucrative deal of all. However, David can’t seem to resist being away too much with his family that he thought of refusing their offer of around $12 million-a-year coming from the glamorous French capital club compared to a much lesser base salary at the LA Galaxy, which was currently paying him for only $6.5 million salary for a year.

However, David Beckham explained his side by saying, “This was an important decision for me. I had many offers from clubs from around the world, however, I’m still passionate about playing in America and winning trophies with the Galaxy.”

Years back, many were actually surprised when Beckham left Europe in 2007 and made a surprise decision of joining the LA Galaxy instead of Real Madrid. “I’ve seen first hand how popular soccer is now in the States and I’m as committed as ever to growing the game here,” Beckham said. “My family and I are incredibly happy and settled in America and we look forward to spending many more years here.” So I guess that explains why David Beckham wanted to stay in LA Galaxy despite of the irresistible offers.