A lot of you guys might still and would probably recognize this guy as the former NFL first round draft choice of the Atlanta Falcons last year 1989 together with the history as the only person in professional sports to have a record of playing in the World Series and in the Super Bowl! This is not all! He had a lot of promising and ground breaking sports gamed which includes him winning 2 consecutive championships with the Dallas Cowboys in a Super Bowl amazingly catching a 47 yard pass together with the 35 yard third down reception in the NFC Championship game plus a 21 yard reverse in A Division playoff in the NFC.

Deiondra and Pilar SandersBut now, we are not going to talk about his achievements rather we are going to talk about the talk of the town today! This is going to be all about him having some sort of a problem with his daughter Deiondra Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar. All this we’re but triggered by Deiondra posting some status which tells about Pilar being a terrible wife and a step mom for them. Everyone thought that this was but something that Deiondra feels and that it’s all about her and her step mom, but it’s not! Things we’re already not going good for them and that this was but the beginning of a much bigger issue that will definitely put their family in shame in the public.

If you still don’t know yet, let me just tell you some facts about it. We have here NFL’s daughter Deiondra who exposes some revealing words on her twitter account about her step mom Pilar who is said to have been using her dad and that she’s a gold digger. I don’t really know if these are true, but the fact that Deiondra here have been really harsh and somewhat intimate in the words she said, you just can’t help to think if it’s true or not.

Pilar on the other hand, she been quite closed mouthed about it. Some of the revealing words that have been said to him was that she’s been meeting some guys “niggas” even though she’s already married with Deion Sanders. Not just that, it was also told that she loves the things that the former NFL star have been giving her and that it was but all the physical things and not real love.

A lot of things have been exposed about her, but news said that Pilar here is still continuing to fix both ends and that she’s trying to work things out as a family and that divorce is but only their second option.