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Must-see sports events of August 2013

August has finally come! For sure everyone has an activity-list this month and we are happy to share to you the top must-see sporting event you can’t afford to miss fans. Mark your calendars now for the exciting, high-profile schedule of games, events and sports activies for the month of August.

  • Guinness International Champion Cup (July 27 – August 7, 2013) The inaugural exhibition soccer matches from the high-profile teams in Europe and MLS’ LA Galaxy.
  • Real Madrid vs Inter Milan (August 10th) – Two gigantic European teams vie for a friendly match at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Mo. Kickoff at 1:00 PM
  • Chelsea vs AS Roma (August 10th) – European club Chelsea FC and Italia’s AS Roma will clash at the RFK Stadium in Washington DC, United States for this last leg of US toru. Kickoff at 8:00 PM.
  • Mares vs Gonzalez (August 24th) – The featherweight champion battle between current champion Abner Mares making his first defense to former two-time titlist Jhonny Gonzalez at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.
  • UFC 164 Henderson vs Pettis (AUgust 31st) – The highly anticipated rematch of Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis headlining the UFC 164 in Milwaukee. Who’s your bet?

What do you think fans for this list of must-see events? To experience this sporting matches and games you’ve got to buy affordable tickets as early as now to exclusively experience rare excitement, thrilling actions and fun. Do have some other sports schedule, just leave it below and we will be updating the list. Enjoy.


Importance of Entrances and Exits on Planning an Event

There are a lot of details that you should prepare when you wish to plan to conduct an event, and part of the planning stage is on how to orient your audience as well as the organizers about the Entrances and Exits of the venue that you will use. This article will tell you the importance of entrances and exits in planning an event, whether it is big or small.

As the event manager, you need to see to it that you have given detailed instructions to your guests on how to get there, including the public transport options and parking stations. You must also be aware of the emergency exits, disabled access, location for unloading of equipment and equipment storage areas, ticketing, queing, registration, and name tags and event site map. This things are very important and you must take note of it and apply it during the event proper, even during the planning stage, so that you can avoid further disorientations among your participants in the future.

We all know that we cannot predict what might happen to us in our everyday life. There might be natural calamities or accidents that may arise and there are certain measures that we must do in order for us organizers and participants to have safety above the rest. Knowing the entrances and exit will allow our participants to know where to pass in case of emergencies such as fire and earthquakes, especially if our venue falls on the highest floor of a tall building.

NBC: London Olympic Games as Most-watched US TV Event Ever

The London Olympics 2012 ended with a blastoff closing ceremony this August 12, 2012 and based on the survey made by NBC, the television network which covers all Olympic events, it was revealed that the Olympic Games was the most-watched US TV event ever in history.

A broadcaster from NBC said that the London Olympics which started since July 27 up to August 12 had more viewers than any other event in US television history. Looks like a lot of Americans are really tuning in to the results of every category, especially since the United States is on the lead when it comes to the Olympic medal table.

Despite being widely lambasted for its scheduling choices, NBC’s coverage proved a massive hit. For this year’s London Olympics coverage, a total of 219.4 million American viewers who watched the events was recorded by NBC Universal networks and this record set the record as the most-watched event in US television history, surpassing the 2008 Beijing Olympics (215 million). This record was based on the survey done and the data came from Nielsen.

NBC, which had sole rights in the United States, broadcasted 5, 535 hours of the games across its channels, far more than the nearly 2,000 hours aired from Beijing.

“The London Olympics was a wonderful 17 days for NBCUniversal, exceeding all our expectations in viewership, digital consumption and revenue,” Steve Burke, the CEO of NBCUniversal, said in a statement on Monday.

What is an Event Management?

An event is an occurrence that usually happens once in a lifetime, once every year or annually, in every quarter, or anytime you wanted the event to happen. An event is usually very important to one person or a group of persons, thus, it needs to be organized well and to end up successfully. So how will you organize an event successfully? This is through an effective event management and a good event manager.

The key to a successful event is an effective event management. This is an exciting and growing industry which also serves as a unique career opportunity for everyone with a passion for the planning and organizing events. If you are looking forward for your dream wedding, or 18th-birthday celebration or meetings and conferences to become successful and well organized, then a good event management service is definitely what you need.

Event management is a very wide scope and even students can grab opportunities here even while they are still studying. Through this service, you will learn details about the seamless planning of events, possible and reliable event locations, ordered by cities and regions as well as descriptions of different types of events and their crucial planning requirements. Furthermore, through event management services online, you will be able to find an event manager database and a chance to publish pictures and descriptions of already organized events.

Watch Donaire vs. Magdaleno Fight Online

The Filipino FLASH Nonito Donaire i(37-3, 24 KOs) is back on the ring to fight against the undefeated Mexican boxer, Jessie Magdaleno (23-0, 17 KOs) for the WBO Super Bantamweight Championship belt on the 5th of November as part of the undercard matches of the Pacquiao vs. Vargas fight event. The venue of the match will be at the Thomas & Mac Center at the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and will be available via the Top Rank Promotions pay per view. Bob Arum and HBO failed to agree to feature this fight in the usual network that fans have been used to watch boxing events of Pacquiao that’s why Arum decided to feature the fight via his own promotion.

Donaire vs. Magdaleno

The boxing event’s ticket are priced at $1,000, $700, $500, $300, $100 and $50, not including applicable service fees and can be bought at the Thomas & Mack Center Box Office, online at, at UNLVtickets Outlet Town Square Las Vegas and La Bonita Supermarkets. You can also call 702-739-FANS (3267) or 866-388-FANS (3267) to charge by phone.

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How Much It Will Cost to Watch Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight?

Its a week before the fight and you are probably have an idea on how much the fight of the century: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao will cost you to watch. In the Philippines and in the United States, prices are going crazy like hell as ticket networks are making their own gimmicks to earn from this highly anticipated match of the year. The ticket in the US even hit 6 figures when it was sold by secondary market. Despite this outrageous price, it is still sold out. This only mean that the fight is really a match a must to watch and gamblers all over Nevada and outside the US are gathering in one day to take the highest stake ever in the world of boxing.

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