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L.A. Lakers Lead Past Orlando Magic, 106-97

Dwight HowardOn last Tuesday night’s game, we have seen a very crucial victory of the L.A Lakers as they led past the Orlando Magic with scores 106-97. This time, it was not just Kobe Bryant who made a good score for his team. It was Dwight Howard who made a great contribution in last Tuesday’s game of Lakers against Magic.

Surprisingly, Dwight Howard scored a season-high 39 points, and he even made 16 rebounds and was also sent to the free throw line 39 times for the entire game. Because of this and also for the effort of the rest of his team members, Los Angeles Lakers beat Orlando Magic last Tuesday.

It was actually Howard’s first return to Orlando since his drama-filled off season trade to the Lakers. He also endured a chorus of boos throughout, and even tied his own NBA record for free throw attempts. This game’s victory of the Lakers is already their fourth straight win and they are expecting more victories in their upcoming games.

Meanwhile, After a week of back-and-forth in the media following some perceived negative comments made about his former team during a television interview, Howard and Nelson spoke briefly just after the final buzzer and shook hands. It was such a scene. And even if boos rained down on the All-star center every time Howard touches the ball, still, he managed to make good shots and gain huge number of points at the end of the game. Howard was able to embrace the negative environment from the outset and was the main reason the Lakers had a 50-46 halftime lead.

Orlando Magic’s Fired Head Coach Gundy Because Of Dwight Howard?

Orlando Magic's Fired Head Coach Gundy Because Of Dwight HowardOrlando Magic will be waliking a new path as Van Gundy will be no more. There are many speculation as of why or what are the reason Van Gundy got fired. The most heard gossip is that Dwight Howard was the main reason for Van Gundy’s goodbye on the team. It was reported that Dwight Howard wished for Vand Gundy’s termination in exchange for his long realation with the magic. Simply saying Dwight Howard would stay in the and Van Gundy will be fired. But Dwight Howard kept denying it, he kept saying that he has nothing to do with the firing of Van Gundy. Some speculation says that Van Gundy got fired because he was not able to lead the Magic to have a shot at the Championship and some think that Van Gundy came up short on managing the team well.

Well as far as Dwight Howard is concerned he has nothing to do with the firing of Van Gundy and at the mean time he is currently focusing on back surgery rehabilitation and thinking of a fast recovery so that he could get back to the track and get a fresh start with the team and with a new coach.

Believe it or not, this issue between Orlando Magic and their ex-coach Van Gundy is what Howard wanted in the first place. And right now, let me tell you that He got what He wants and that Dwight here might actually be looking for a long term contract with the Orlando Magic and that it’s all because of their new coach that they will be replacing on behalf of Van Gundy. Right now, there’s now Gundy here has not yet released any statements about the said issue. But we are hoping and expecting that He will be releasing a statement about what He really feels about it, including his issues with NBA star Dwight Howard.

Orlando Magic Vs Miami Heat: Magic Wins!

On Tuesday night, Orlando Magic applied some magic to their game as they won with a score of 104-98 against the Miami Heat. It was a thrilling overtime victory and this win is considered to be one of the biggest victories of Orlando Magic for this season.

Aside from that, Dwight has also turned the tables on what has been the biggest player soap opera of this NBA regular season. Minutes before the team seemed to come back to their senses and worked very hard to score even more in order to beat Heat, Howard took back his preseason trade request and said that he has told his team officials that he wanted to stay with the team for remainder of the season.

“Well, I told those guys, I’ve been telling them for the past two or three weeks now that I want to stay and finish the season,” Dwight Howard said. “I told them I feel we have a great opportunity to win and I told them that I want to be here and I want to bring a championship here. I told them they’ve got to give me that chance. They didn’t trade me at the beginning of the season and I told them I’d go out and play as hard as I could every night to put our team in a position to win.”

In the recently held game between the Magic and Heat, Howard scored 24 points for Orlando Magic with and addition of 25 rebounds. Aside from Howard, Jameer Nelson also scored 25 points, including in the fourth quarter and overtime. Looks like Magic is really determined to make it in this season’s championship.

Dwight Howard Is Not A Free Agent Anymore!? You Want To Know Why?!

Actually, this news is somehow not given that much importance than the Chris Paul trade case! All the NBA Commissioner including the fans are but giving much of an attention to whether Chris Paul here is actually going to team up with Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant and or the Los Angeles Clippers team! This might be the first time that you would actually hear some news regarding Orlando Magic’s center Chris Howard who was told to be a free agent just like Chris! Right now, this is going to be kind of different than of Paul! It seems to be that his former team Orlando Magic have decided that they’ll its much better to keep Dwight Howard in the team than trading him off to some first NBA picks.

Dwight HowardThis is actually a shock for the NBA player fans which of course all knew that Dwight here opted last July for free Agency! Right now, the new CEO for the magic Alex Martins seems to be not ready of what might be some big offers to Dwight! The thing is, Alex here is just new to the position and that he is still in shock of the surprised resignation of former CEO Bob Vander Weide. It seems to me that he’s still trying to figure out things and somewhat prioritize the important things before he gets down to the business! He also added that he’s just looking for a positive outcome in all of this and that hoping that he can work things out on Dwight Howard convincing him to stay to the team “Orlando Magic”.

For all of you who still don’t know are, the offer of the trade was that, Dwight will be replaced by two first pickers in the NBA draft Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon. Let’s now forget about the trade for it’s not going to happen today! Let’s go to what Dwight Howard here thinks about the said offer. We got a statement coming from the NBA star Dwight Howard and that he said that, “He just wants to make sure that they are having a considerable fact of understanding here about the championship. He said that he wants change and that if the Orlando team are willing to take risk on that change then they have nothing to talk about! He said that he’s with them all the way”.

This is great news for NBA Fans of Dwight Howard! But right now, they’re still working on it officially and that they might release a official statement with regards to it any time soon.

New Jersey Nets Plan to Get Dwight Howard on the Team!

NBA Fans out there! This might caught you off guard! Well, the news is! The Big Man of the Orlando Magic Dwight Howard is and or might be going to the New Jersey Nets Team after all! The thing is, there have been a lot of adjustments and rather fuzz about the general manager of the Nets Mr. Billy King who’s more than willing to push the said offer and have Deron Williams stay on their team together with another powerful center from the magic “Dwight Howard”.

Dwight HowardThis is a big move for the New Jersey Net, King said. Right now, they are planning for a brighter future for the said team and that Howard here might give them the help they need! New Jersey Net is really defying the odds here! They’ve been taking a lot of big moves and chances to make their team more of the one’s that could win the next championship! It is also said that they are scheduled to move to a $1 Billion worth arena in Brooklyn for the 2012 – 2013 year and that they are hoping to have two main stars by then!

You might also have a lot of theories and gossips you heard from the superstar Dwight Howard! At first, it is said that he is more than willing to become one of the member of the popular Los Angeles Lakers team. But then, until now it seems like Phil Jackson is not yet pulling knot! There have been rumours that Dwight might accept the offer! The thing is, King here is not yet to pose an agreement with the Magic and that they’re not sure if they would accept the blockbuster switch between Howard and Brook Lopez! Not to mention the remaining contract of $28 Million contract with Turkoglu which they will have to amnesty to put up enough space for the switch!

Dwight Howard is turning 26 now and that he’s a good fit for the team, said King! So if they get to successfully close the deal, this and more might be one of the reasons to make them on the top of their game next year! Who knows, they might actually win the next season!

And by the way, the New Jersey Nets here are also planning to hire assistant coaches P.J. Carlesimo and Mario Elie which will definitely be of a good fit for the team!

The Upcoming Players for the 2012 All Star Game Is Announced!

West All Star 2012This is probably one of the most exciting events of this season! I bet that all of you guys are waiting to hear the lucky and skilled NBA players who will get to play in this highly anticipated battle between the East and the West! Who and where, I just can’t wait! For all we know, this is quite a show and that the guys or the players who will get to play here are the best of the best and known for their performance and NBA stats in the whole league of the basketball competition! Right now, the NBA officials have finally announced those of the five starting players of both the East and the West!

Let me inform you that the said announcement was made Thursday night and that the said All Star competition is going to be held at the Amway Center, Colorado this coming February 26, 2012. Right now, let me give you the names who will be presenting the first five for the Eastern Conference. Those people are none other than Guard Derrick Rose ofthe Chicago Bulls averaging 23.1 PPG, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat averaging 20.3 PPG, Lebron James also from the Miami Heat with an average of 29.7 PPG, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic averaging 23.7 & 20.1 PPG. This is a tough East All Star Games 2012team as you can see it! But of course, there’s no way that the Western team will let thess guys win the conference that easy! We have here the leading vote getter of the West, none other than Kobe Bryant who has an injured wrist but is able to still lead his team, we also have here Guard Chris Paul with a 19.2 PPG, Kevin Durant with a 26.6 PPG, Blake Griffin with a 21.6 PPG and Andrew Bynum with a 16.5 PPG.

Right after the announcement of the first five players for both the East and the West team, it seems like the guys whose names on the list we’re starting to get heated up! They are happy and is said that they will be giving you guys at home a game you will never forget! That’s it folks! Stay tuned for more of the inside info on the All Star Event right here!

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