HP or the Hewlett-Packard Co., is combining its printer and PC divisions for the purpose of overcoming dragging profits, growing competition and the lack of clear identity. This is the latest innovation featured by HP.

HP is a Silicon Valley pioneer and it aims to become the biggest PC/printer manufacturer worldwide. Through this new movement, it is not just the company who will benefit but the consumers as well. Announced last Wednesday, this proposed move is said to help the company streamline its business and save money to invest in growing areas. HP is in the hopes of having a renewed focus on innovation. They wish to establish the 73-year old company as a technology trailblazer.

Based on the statement given by HP CEO Meg Whitman, he said that they are still going to place a few bets on where the company can fundamentally change the name of the game. This is the statement that he has given the shareholders during the annual meeting of the company which was held on Wednesday at Santa Clara, California. According to Whitman, he said that printing is still one of the areas that HP can still make its mark, thus, they need to take care of this so that they could still gain the trust of their customers because of the quality of printers that they have.

“We are going to have to save to get growth going again at HP,” Whitman added, talking to the shareholders.