As the first game of the NBA Finals closes with OKC winning against Heat, it was found out that there are a few truths that Miami Heat will have to come to terms with in these Finals and perhaps it was the best to confront them right away.

Obviously, they are playing with a team that is deeper than them, both in terms of energy and bodies. During the first three quarters of the first game of the NBA Finals, Oklahoma City Hunters was seemingly losing the game with Miami Heat, but when the fourth quarter came, Kevin Durant zoomed in the court, bringing more points for his team and making OKC win the Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

After the said game, we have realized that Miami Heat is facing an offensive force they are not accustomed to seeing in the Eastern Conference. And so far as Dwayne Wade, well, it’s not 2006 anymore. Thunders win over Heat with 105-94 score during this start of the season. We are not saying that Heat can’t figure out ways to overcome these issues, but this first outing certainly displayed the Thunder’s disadvantages.

Tuesday’s game was a subpar game from Wade. There was a period during the second half when the Thunder turned up the pressure with transition offense and Wade responded falling into a funk where his top priority looked to be trying to bait offenders and officials into putting him on the foul line. It was definitely a wrong move for the team. Aside from that, Heat also got the requisite 30 points from LeBron James, though they could always use more and naturally more will be expected. We’ll just see if they will still be able to regain their power in the upcoming Game 2 of the NBA Finals.