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Top 10 iPad 1st/2nd Gen Games You Should Not Miss to Download and Play

I really find playing iPad games entertaining specially when I want to lost some times waiting for someone or just relaxing. Now if you have newly acquired your first iPad, 1st generation or the iPad 2 you should install it with games that you will surely love to play so I decided to list some of the games I personally played and really find it entertaining.

All of the thumbnails or images used on this post are all from iTunes Store. You can click on the thumbnail for a larger screen shot of the game.

Here are the top 10 iPad games that you should not miss. It is not order in terms of awesomeness or cost but in order of my preferences and chronological order that I played the game.
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Plant vs. Zombies HD for iPad Tricks, Tips and Cheats

The first game that I loved to play on my first generation iPad is the Plant vs. Zombies HD which cost me about $6.99 over App Store. The game is quite entertaining and simple. You just need to plant and destroy all the zombies that will try to eat your brains. It is an amazing game both on PC, iPhone, iPod and/or iPad 1 or 2.

Tips from the Zombies for PvZ players:

When the game starts and the zombie starts to walk into your house, just don’t plant and don’t do anything and you’ll surely win. – The Zombies.

This is the basic tips from PVZ that you might want to remember prior playing the game:
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