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Unlock Your iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4G Using Globe SIM to Use Smart SIM Card

I have this very old iPhone 3GS (about 2 year old phone) which I got from a postpaid plan from Globe Communications in the Philippines and I find it useless when it came to using the network for my internet needs. Why? Well my Globe iPhone plan don’t offer unlimited surfing. When I inquire on the nearest Globe center in our place, they didn’t allow me to subscribe for their unlimited surfing plan because according to them it can’t be applied to my iPhone plan. They say that I need to turn off the Cellular Data Network every time I am not using it to avoid unnecessary charges that will really shock you when you receive your bill which I always forget so what I did is I permanently turn off the C.D.N. feature of the iPhone which I find it sucks.

What I did recently is that I jailbreak the iPhone to unlock it so that I could use it with other SIM card like Smart or Sun SIM cards. I have this unlimited surfing plan from Smart and I can really use it on my phone so I begin my quest to unlock the phone. I did several mistakes in the process

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Samsung, Still on the Lead in Smartphones

The growing demand for smartphones, especially the latest models, still continues until this very moment. And with this, Samsung can’t seem to get enough of the requests for new features and developments. Right now, it was pretty obvious that Samsung is the leading company for smartphones as it continues to extend its lead over Apple, probably because of the fact that its new Galaxy phones came out before Apple updated its iPhone. IDC presented this fact last Friday.

When Samsung’s Galaxy S3 phones were released, it got good reviews even if it was released late in the second quarter. It simply means that the smartphones’s latest models are being sought after and watched upon by the people. Elsewhere, in the United States, the recently released phones work with the faster fourth-generation, or 4G, cellular networks that major wireless companies have been building. It’s not really surprising that users prefer smartphones because Galaxy’s screen is larger compared to iPhone’s. Another thing is, Samsung phone is much lighter and thinner, which makes it more convenient to use.

Based on the facts that we have gathered, the current model of Apple which is iPhone 4S, the one which came out last October, has been dropping in sales months after each release. Meanwhile, an iPhone qith 4G capabilities isn’t expected to come out until this fall. This could only mean that Samsung could still have the chance to think of something better to produce.

Another thing, according to the statement given out by IDC, Samsung Electronics Co. shipped 50.2 million smartphones worldwide during the second quarter and had a market share of 33 percent, way higher compared to the 17 percent share a year ago. We’ll keep you posted for more updates.

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