Tom Brady & Gisele BundchenIt seems to me that Tom Brady here seems to have forgotten to warn her bitchy wife to not whine in front of the camera man and to not make any issues with regards to the Super Bowl XLVI in which Tom and his Patriots team lost, 21 – 17 final score. What happened here was that Gisele Bundchen who is told to have secretly married Tom have had been all over the net whining on what seems to be a bad defeat in the finals! Gisele here did not keep her mouth shut and that she have had made such rude comments on some of Tom’s team mate in which the Giant’s team think was rude.

To tell you honestly, this was something that made all of them think that Tom have chosen such a cry girl to be his wife. What Gisele did here is that after the game, she went for a blast in front of the camera telling people and the press that Her husband could and can’t play the game by both throwing and catching the ball which she obviously intended to throw to her wife’s team mates, Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez and Deion Branch. After those rude comments on Tom’s team mate, it seems like Gisele here have had set aflame on the Giant’s emotion and thus they are now in verge to shut her all up.

This is all but Giseles fault! Giant’s member Osi Umenyiora commented that she should not give rude comments and that she should’ve stayed out of this! But then, Osi here said afterwards that she can say whatever she wants for she is Tom’s wife. But either way, I bet that this girl is in a lot of troubles for demoralizing and at the same time trying to run the rule of brotherhood that Tom and his team have.