I have this very old iPhone 3GS (about 2 year old phone) which I got from a postpaid plan from Globe Communications in the Philippines and I find it useless when it came to using the network for my internet needs. Why? Well my Globe iPhone plan don’t offer unlimited surfing. When I inquire on the nearest Globe center in our place, they didn’t allow me to subscribe for their unlimited surfing plan because according to them it can’t be applied to my iPhone plan. They say that I need to turn off the Cellular Data Network every time I am not using it to avoid unnecessary charges that will really shock you when you receive your bill which I always forget so what I did is I permanently turn off the C.D.N. feature of the iPhone which I find it sucks.

What I did recently is that I jailbreak the iPhone to unlock it so that I could use it with other SIM card like Smart or Sun SIM cards. I have this unlimited surfing plan from Smart and I can really use it on my phone so I begin my quest to unlock the phone. I did several mistakes in the process

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